Seniors Tie Nylon Thread in Private Part of 8-Year-Old Boy in Delhi

Delhi: In South Delhi’s Kotla Mubarakpur area, a case of brutality has come to light with an eight-year-old innocent boy. Some senior students of the school tied a nylon thread on his private part. Due to which he was badly injured. The relatives came to know about the incident when they took the child for a bath. 

The police have registered the case and started investigating the matter. The incident occurred in a school located in Kidwai Nagar. Some senior students of the school together tied the private part of a student studying in class II with a nylon thread. Delhi Police says that they took the child to school but he could not identify any of the accused. 

The police will once again take the child to school so that action can be taken against the accused by identifying them. Doctors said that the condition of the boy is stable now and he is currently under observation. Further investigation in the case will be carried out once the accused are identified.

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