SFI Activists Vandalise Rahul Gandhi’s Office in Wayanad

Story Highlights
  • Rahul Gandhi's MP office vandalized in Wayanad.
  • Gandhi is an MP from Wayanad, a hilly district in northern Kerala.
  • Reports of involvement of SFI are surfacing.

Wayanad: News of Rahul Gandhi’s Wayanad office being vandalized have been making rounds. It is being said that the Students Federation of India (SFI) activists on Friday vandalized the office located in Kainatty.

As per reports a SFI led march turned violent and broke into the MPs office and vandalized the furniture. The angry mob demanded the MP broke silence on the recent Supreme Court order mandating an eco-sensitive zone (ESZ) of a kilometre around all protected areas, wildlife sanctuaries and national parks.

Congress leader and MLA.T. Siddique alleged that the attack was premeditated and lambasted the SFI, calling them “goons”. A dispute also broke between the SFI leaders and police personnel deployed on the National Highway.

Recently, the Supreme Court had ordered that every protected forest, national park and wildlife sanctuary in India should have a mandatory ESZ of a minimum of 1 km starting from their demarcated boundaries. In response, the Kerala Forest Department has tasked a team to study the likely impact of human habitations on the implementation of the SC order.

Rahul Gandhi is a member of parliament from Wayanad, a hilly district in northern Kerala.

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