Shameful: Woman of 25 Gets Victim of Obscene Act While Visiting a Clinical Lab for Blood Test

Story Highlights
  • Chhattisgarh police have booked a lab technician from Nivari Clinical Club at Shankar Nagar in Raipur
  • 5-year-old woman lodged a complaint against him, accusing him of doing a coarse act during an ultra-sonography

A shameful incident has taken place at a clinic in the capital of Chhattisgarh. A 25 years old woman became the victim of an obscene act at Nivari Clinical Lab, located at Shankar Nagar in Raipur. The woman was there to get her blood test done. A lab technician did a coarse act with her while doing an ultra-sonography. 

According to the sources, the woman reached the clinic at around 9 AM, to get a blood test done. After the blood test, a technician at the clinic, named Yogesh Giri Goswami, asked her to go for an ultra-sonography, suggesting to her that her symptoms indicate having gall bladder stones. After this, while doing her sonography, the technician did an obscene act, on which, the woman at once started shouting at the accused and came out of the lab.

She directly reached out to the nearest police station and described everything and lodged a complaint against Goswami. The police considered the allegations as an alarming note and charged a file against the accused under section 354. Soon after, police reached the lab and arrested the lab technician. Currently, further investigations are on regarding the matter.

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