Shift Focus from Festivities to Assist Drought-Afflicted Farmers in MP: Kamal Nath

Bhopal: The leader of the Congress party in Madhya Pradesh, Kamal Nath, urged the administration led by Shivraj Singh Chouhan to prioritize the current drought crisis over festive celebrations, calling for immediate measures to support the farming community grappling with insufficient rainfall in the region. On Sunday, Nath accentuated the gravity of the situation in a message shared via ‘X’, a social media platform previously known as Twitter. He depicted a grim scenario where scanty rainfall has left reservoirs unfilled and crops withering, putting a significant strain on the majority of the state’s farmers.

This critical observation followed a day after Chief Minister Chouhan encouraged the local populace to beseech divine intervention for rains during an inauguration ceremony for Deendayal kitchens. Chouhan acknowledged the increasing power demands and assured that the necessary plans are underway to mitigate the situation. 

Nonetheless, Kamal Nath criticized Chouhan’s approach, characterizing it as an attempt to manipulate the crisis to his advantage rather than confronting it head-on. He accused the Chouhan government of exploiting disasters for personal gains in the past, fostering a climate of fear among the residents. The Congress chief implored the government to shift focus from festivities, initiate an urgent survey of the affected regions, and orchestrate substantial relief efforts for the distressed farmers.

Furthermore, Nath stressed the necessity for authentic commitment from the government, instead of mere empty assurances. He emphatically demanded a more proactive stance to prevent further suffering and economic hardship for the farmers, urging the state government to act with genuine intent to alleviate the challenging circumstances looming large over Madhya Pradesh.

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