Shigella Infection: 6 Cases in Kozhikode, Kerala; 1 Dead

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  • In Kozhikode district of Kerala, 6 cases of Shigella infection have been reported
  • 11-year-old child died last week from a bacterial infection, and is suspected to have died from Shigella infection

In Kozhikode district of Kerala, at least 6 cases of Shigella infection have been reported by the health ministry. There are 20 other suspected cases. Most of the suspected cases are limited among children, except 4 adults.

Most of the infected population have been discharged after the treatment, barring 1 or 2. Last week, an 11-year-old child reportedly died from some bacterial infection, is suspected to have died from Shigella infection. 

The Shigella infection attacks a person when a family of bacteria, referred to as Shigella, attacks the person. The illness caused by the bacterial attack comes with symptoms of fever, diarrhea, and stomach pain. Some people infected by the bacteria come out to be asymptomatic.

If diarrhea and other symptoms continue for more than 72 hours, the person should immediately consult a doctor. Contaminated food and water are the sources for the bacterial infection to spread.

“Results of stool samples from six patients at the Medical College hospital confirmed Shigella infection, with 20 others seen as suspected cases with minor symptoms”, said Kozhikode district medical officer Dr. Jayasree V.

In the Kozhikode district, the infection has mostly been limited to people living at or around the Kottaparambu ward. The health officials of the corporation have planned to conduct a medical camp this weekend.

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