Shilpa Shetty Returns to Her Show After Raj Kundra Gets Interim Relief

Story Highlights
  • Raj was arrested last month after alleged involvement in a Pornography case
  • Shilpa Shetty abandoned her show ‘super dancer’ after the arrest
  • After raj got interim relief today, Shilpa returned to the show

Mumbai: “When you are a public figure you have to pay for it” – this quote has come true for famous Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty as her world turned upside down after the arrest of her husband raj Kundra in a pornography case. Since then Shilpa has not made any public appearances. She had also abandoned her reality show super dancer which gained her lots of popularity in the recent past. Today as raj Kundra got interim relief from Bombay High court, his wife Shilpa returned to the set.

An insider of the show had earlier said, “The makers had been in constant touch with her and only recently she decided that she was ready to make a comeback. Shilpa wants to get back to work not just for her kids and family but also for her own sanity. She was welcomed warmly by the Super Dancer team, which made her quite emotional in the morning”. Not only that, director Anurag Basu, her co-judge in the show also said he misses her badly. Now that she has made a comeback, we hope her fans in the show and outside of the show will be happy.

Raj was arrested on July 19 in a pornography case and has been in police custody since then. His bail plea has been rejected multiple times. As he gets interim relief today, his anticipatory bail plea still remains intact for the next hearing on Aug 25. After his arrest, Shilpa did not make any social appearances but she took to her Instagram to issue a public notice that depicted she wants her private space to be respected for the sake of her children and that she has a positive approach to the current situation. Hope her comeback keeps her positive approach higher!

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