Show Cause Notice Issued to Two Employees

Story Highlights
  • Commissioner Sanjay Kumar Alang inspected the Bilaspur office.
  • Issued show cause notice to 2 employees
  • The state govt offices resumed to function in full capacity from February 8th.

Bilaspur: After the state administration instructed state offices to resume with full capacity from 8th February, a show-cause notice had been issued to employees CK Tiwari and Assistant Class 3 employee Sangeetha Chauhan at Bilaspur govt office.

The notice was issued after Commissioner Sanjay Kumar Alang inspected the Bilaspur offices through a surprise visit. It has also been observed that employees are not abiding by the new timings declared by the Bhupesh Baghel on 26th January. The Deputy Commissioner further instructed to sent notice to all district collectors on holding an inspection in the govt offices.

The Baghel govt on January 26th revised the work pattern for govt employees under which they would now be working for only 5 days per week from 10 am to 5:30 pm.

As the COVID cases in the state declined the state health dept had advised easing of curbs. Based on the notice the govt employees resumed office from February 8th onwards.

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