Shraddha Murder Case: Aftab Used Grinder to Crush Bones; Blowtorched the Head

NEW DELHI: Spine chilling details in the Shraddha Walker murder case are emerging. She was murdered by her live-in partner Aaftab Poonawala “in the heat of the moment” in May 2022 following a fight, the chargesheet filed in the Mehrauli murder case mentioned.

Revealing gruesome details of the murder, the chargesheet mentioned that Poonawala used a stone grinder to crush the bones of Shraddha Walker into powder. Apprehensive about being caught Aaftab revealed that he dismembered the body using a saw, hammer, and knives. He also used a blow torch to cut the fingers, making 35 pieces of the body. He then kept the body parts in a fridge.

The chargesheet also mentioned that he disposed of Shraddha’s phone in Mumbai, to mislead the investigators if ever would take place. In the chargesheet accessed by media reports, Aftab mentioned that he shifted Shraddha’s body to the bathroom, cut her hands first using the saw, and stored them in a polythene bag that he stored in the lower cabinet of the kitchen. He subsequently, chopped her body into pieces over the next 4-5 days and disposed them one by one. To disfigure the face he used a blowtorch the chargesheet mentioned.

Aaftab Poonawala strangled Shraddha Walker (27), sawed her body into 35 pieces, and stored them in a 300-liter fridge for almost three weeks at his residence in South Delhi’s Mehrauli before dumping them across the city over several days. Walker was allegedly killed in May. They met through Bumble- a dating app and started living together in Mumbai.

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