Shubman Gill Shares Unique Experience and Added Pressure of Playing Pakistan

Shubman Gill, a young Indian batsman, possesses an impressive batting style, strong technical skills, and the potential to become a top-tier player. However, he faces a challenge when facing left-arm pace bowlers.

To improve his performance against left-arm pacers, Gill is dedicated to focusing on areas. These include investing time in practising against left-arm pace bowlers during training sessions, honing his technique against swinging deliveries and enhancing his ability to read the ball’s movement off the seam. Gill acknowledges that not regularly encountering bowlers like Shaheen Shah Afridi and Haris Rauf in national tournaments presents a unique challenge.

He explained, “We don’t have opportunities to play against Pakistan compared to some other teams. We all recognize that their bowling attack is quite formidable. When you don’t frequently face attacks it can make a difference in major tournaments.”

Gill emphasized that, at the level facing left-arm pacers is not completely unfamiliar since cricketers would have encountered them in matches or instances.  Every arm fast bowler, like Shaheen Shah Afridi and Naseem Shah, presents difficulties such as swing, speed and variations in movement. These challenges need to be adjusted according to the prevailing conditions.

He mentioned, “At times, it’s not about any problems; it’s just that the bowlers are extraordinary. Making alterations based on performance would be unwise. It’s crucial to have faith, in the process, trust your skills and keep moving “

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