Siddaramaiah Leads Karnataka CM Race; Congress Tries To Appease DK Shivakumar

Bangalore: The race for the coveted post of Karnataka’s chief minister is heating up, with former CM Siddaramaiah emerging as the frontrunner. With the backing of a majority of the newly-elected MLAs, Siddaramaiah seems to have an edge over his competitors. However, the state Congress chief DK Shivakumar is not willing to give up his claim on the top post just yet.

Sources suggest that the Congress party is considering a unique solution to this conundrum – a split term of 2.5 years each for both leaders. This move is aimed at preventing any factionalism and discord within the party.

All eyes are now on the Congress central leadership, as they prepare to make an announcement regarding the new Karnataka chief minister. Both of them even met Rahul Gandhi to decide regarding which one of them will take up the post and whether it will be split term or not.

Currently, Siddaramaiah is leading with 75 seats and Shivakumar is having 61 seats in his hand. Rahul Gandhi has advised both of them to stay in Delhi as of now, according to the sources. Some of the party members even said that Sonia Gandhi will reach Delhi and talk to the Karnataka Decision makers regarding this matter.

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