Sindh Government Slams Imran Khan’s Government Over The Wheat Support Price

Story Highlights
  • The Sindh government slammed the Pakistan government for being an anti-farmer regime
  • On March 31, the farmers will stage a dharna due to the hike in the prices
  • The traders are purchasing 40 kg wheat at Rs 1800 which has reached to Rs 2400

Pakistan: The farmers were given lower wheat support prices by the federal government, said the government of Sindh in comparison with provincial government. So, on Saturday, the government of Sindh criticized the Pakistan government for being an anti-farmer regime.

The News International reported that on one hand, the Sindh province has fixed the price of wheat at Rs 2000 per 40 kg and on the other hand, the federal government had set the price at Rs 1800 per 40 kg.

Due to the hike in the prices of electricity, fertilizer, diesel, and agricultural products, the farmers have decided to stage a dharna on March 31 to continue their protest. On that day, the farmers are going to discuss the sudden rise in the price of fertilizers, unfair taxation, anti-farmer policies, and the sky-rocketing prices of electricity.

Ismail Rahu, the provincial Minister for agriculture in Sindh said, “we will not support the federal government’s decision, which is against the farmers. The farmers are not provided with their rights. Instead of providing relief to farmers, Imran Khan’s government is supporting wheat mafias”.

Mehmood Nawaz Shah, senior vice president of Sindh Abadgar Board said, “In absence of procurement centers, traders are purchasing wheat at Rs 1800 per 40 kg, which reached to Rs 2400 per 40 kg before the start of the harvesting”.

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