Singhdeo Thanks CM Baghel For Standing In Supports Of Villagers

Story Highlights
  • CM Baghel stated that "Not a single branch would be cut if Singhdeo it.
  • Rajasthan government asked for early clearance for mining operations
  • Singhdeo publicly pledged his support to the agitation.

Raipur: Amidst the ongoing save Hasdeo campaign, Chhattisgarh health minister TS Singhdeo on Wednesday publicly thanked CM Bhupesh Baghel for standing in support of village people, who have been on agitation for over 100 days against tree felling in Hasdeo Arand region for coal mining projects in the northern part of the state.

CM Baghel had stated on Tuesday that “Not a single branch would be cut if Singhdeo opposes coal mining project” after health minister stated a day before that he would firmly stand with the people opposing the coal mine project. Singhdeo had also said he would be the first person to take the bullet or the first bullet or blow from a stick if the protesters are subjected to it.

Protests spread across India and environmental activists also staged an agitation in many countries against the cutting of trees from Hasdeo Arand, one of the rich forest regions. The Congress government in Rajasthan had earlier mounted pressure within the party to impress upon the Congress government in Chhattisgarh.

They asked for early clearance for mining operations at the PEKB-phase-Il project, citing severe coal shortage in that state. Rajasthan chief minister Ashok Gehlot and his senior officials flew down to Raipur to have a discussion with his Chhattisgarh counterpart. Later, Chhattisgarh had granted the necessary clearance for the coal project.

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