Six More Arrests Made in Narayanpur Church Vandalism

NARAYANPUR: The District police continue to make arrests in connection to the church vandalism in Narayanpur and the attack on the senior policemen earlier this week. With 6 arrested today, around 11 have been taken into custody, so far the police said. The person who attacked the senior officer is included in the recent arrests, the police added.

“Six more persons were arrested on Friday in connection with the incident of riots in Narayanpur during a protest by people of a community,” said Kumar, who sustained head injuries in the attack.

The church on the premises of a private school in Narayanpur 240km from the capital city was vandalized after a meeting between two communities turned into violence. Police teams were deployed to take charge of the situation where also attack, in which SP Sadanand Kumar was injured.

The discord between the Christain and non-Christian communities in the district has been brewing for some time. Last month, a section of people belonging to the Christian community staged a protest in front of the Collector’s office in Narayanpur alleging “atrocities” against them. People from at least 14villages complaint they were allegedly assaulted and evicted from their homes for following the Christian faith

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