Slight Improvement in AQI of the National Capital

NEW DELHI: According to data from the monitoring stations listed on the government website showing the National Air Quality Index, Lodhi Road registered an AQI of 204, the station at Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium recorded an AQI of 257 and RK Puram recorded an AQI of 283 at 6 am today. The air quality in Delhi improved slightly from the previous day as several monitoring stations showed the Air Quality Index (AQI) under the ‘poor’ category.

On Tuesday, the state government deployed as many as 150 mobile anti-smog guns to sprinkle water on roads across the city. There will be 2 anti-smog guns in each of the 70 Assembly constituencies of Delhi to sprinkle water.

Overall the capital reported an air quality index (AQI) of 303 on the day after Diwali (Tuesday) as compared to 462 last year. The DPCC attributed the relatively better air quality this time to the reduction in stubble burning incidents in Punjab, better meteorological conditions, and “less bursting of firecrackers”.

One of reasons for better air quality this year could be a “56 per cent reduction in residue burning events on Diwali in Punjab this year compared to 2021”, a statement from the report read.

Meanwhile, Rai on Tuesday interacting with the reports said- “People of Delhi were very thoughtful on Diwali this year and I want to thank them. Today, the pollution level is the lowest in five years,”

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