Smart City Speedway Project Hits A Slow Lane

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  • BSCDCL investments have also been under the scanner.
  • For the redevelopment 100-properties on footpath have to pave way.
  • Bhopal Smart City Development Corporation Limited has allotted 342 hectare.

Bhopal: Area-based development of Smart City core area along Jawahar Chowk, Rangmahal and Depot Choraha has hit a roadblock. Local politicians gearing up in protest of the main road which is supposed to be four-lane has been converted into a six-lane speedway, according to sources. The development of the main road would be a key indicator for investors who are seeking to get commercial investment in the ADB area. The revenue for the ABD land sale and leasing is seen as key to sustaining the smart city project, which faces a financial crunch.

According to BSCDCL sources, the corporation is not inclined to get into a situation involving protests from local politicians. BSCDCL has also been intimated about large scale encroachment in the area. Government plots that have been demolished for redevelopment have been encroached by and slums settlement has cropped up in the area. For now, the focus is on two fronts: One is a road connecting Jawahar Chowk to Rangmahal. Other is about half a km long stretch from Jawahar chowk to Depot Chouraha.

BSCDCL investments have also been under the scanner. Development of noncore smart city development works and diversion of funds for development of parking, flyover, street lights, signages and other projects has left the corporation short of much-needed funds. Revenue from operations for 2019 before the pandemic hit was Rs 16.01 lakh. Other income for BSCDCL was pegged at 7.75 crores. Inventory and 50% value as per the Collector Guideline rates for ADB land along with 50% of the consideration received attributable to salable plots held for development and sale will be retained government as a reserve fund.

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