Smugglers Arrested With 124 Kg Cannabis In Dhamtari

Story Highlights
  • Police arrested 6 smugglers from Dhamtari.
  • A total of 124 kg cannabis worth Rs 12 lakh has been seized.
  • The accused have been identified as Rushikesh Baghmode, Akshay Chandrakant, Ambadas Ranganath, Kishan Dinkar, Subhash Vilas Tonde and Hari Sanan.

Dhamtari: Bastar Police of Chhattisgarh has once again caught a huge consignment of cannabis. A total of 6 smugglers have been caught while smuggling cannabis from a luxury vehicle. A total of 124 kg of ganja has also been recovered from them. It is being told that the total value of the seized ganja is around Rs 12.40 lakh. Police have also seized 3 luxury cars of smugglers worth lakhs of rupees. 

According to the information, Bastar police had received information from the informer that two ganja smugglers are about to smuggle a huge quantity of ganja in their luxury car. On the basis of this information, Bastar police sat on blockade throughout the day in NH-30. All vehicles passing through this route were also searched. Meanwhile, a red coloured luxury car came from this route. The police officer stopped the car and searched it the car boot was found filled with cannabis in a white sack. The police immediately arrested Rushikesh Baghmode (22) and Akshay Chandrakant (21) of Maharashtra who was sitting in the car. They told that they were bringing cannabis from Odisha, which they were taking to Maharashtra via Chhattisgarh.

The two smugglers who were caught by the police by the blockade told that another car was going in front of them. Who was working to clear their way. However, the police could not catch the piloting vehicle. The piloting vehicle was waiting near Farsaguda for the vehicle which was filled with cannabis. The police also caught another vehicle from Farsaguda Ambadas Ranganath (29) and Kishan Dinkar 24 was also arrested. Both these accused were also residents of Maharashtra. The third vehicle was preparing to carry the next consignment of cannabis; the smugglers were waiting for both the vehicles in Jagdalpur. After reaching the spot, the jawans also arrested two more accused, Subhash Vilas Tonde (22) and Hari Sanan (22) they are also residents of Maharashtra.

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