Snowstorm Wreaks Havoc in US, 5000 Flights Cancelled in a Day

Story Highlights
  • 60 percent US population living in warning areas
  • Snowfall and Storm lower the temperature to almost -19 degrees
  • Power outages and blackouts reported across the country

USA: The cold weather in America is proving to be very difficult for the people. Due to the recent storm amidst snowfall, severe cold conditions have been created in almost the entire country. In the northern region, mercury has been recorded several degrees below minus in many places. Apart from this, due to the snowstorm, people are forced to remain locked in their homes. At present, about 60 percent of the people of America are forced to accept one or the other weather warning in this cold. 

According to the US National Weather Service, around 200 million people are currently living in warning areas across the country. At present, the number of warning areas due to snowfall and storms is also at its record level. 1.4 million homes and businesses have also faced power outages due to the inclement weather. Most of them have been forced to stay in the dark for several hours. The Tennessee Valley Authority, one of America’s largest Power companies, talked about solving the power problem on Friday afternoon itself. However, they urged people to save electricity. 

Not only this but due to snowfall and cold, about 5,000 flights to and from America have been canceled on Friday. Due to this, a large number of people were seen disturbed at the airport even on the occasion of holidays like Christmas and New Year. It is believed that this cold condition in America will not improve soon.

According to reports, the blizzard passed from one border of America to another. Due to this, there has been a major impact on flights in Canada as well. On the other hand, hundreds of immigrants were seen shivering in the freezing cold temperatures along the US border on the Mexican side. Due to the Corona pandemic, there has been a ban on giving shelter to migrants since 2020. The Supreme Court has to take a decision regarding the entry of these immigrants into America. 

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