Sole Survivor of Kanker Auto Accident Dies

RAIPUR: Gautam Mandavi, the sole survivor of the Kanker auto-truck collision succumbed to the injuries on Tuesday while being treated at the Ambedkar hospital in Raipur said medics treating him. Mandavi critical was transferred to Ambedkar hospital in Raipur on 9th February from a private hospital in Korar.

The accident took place near Korar Chilhati square in Bhanupratappur (around 100km from Raipur) when the auto driver was taking eight children of a private school home. Witnesses have told police that the auto driver suddenly swerved to the other lane, leading to the accident.

The auto got stuck under the truck and was dragged on the road as the children screamed in pain and terror. The truck driver jumped off as soon as he could stop the vehicle and ran away even as villagers rushed to save the kids, say police.

7 children died as an auto collided with a truck in Kanker on Thursday last week. All 7 died on the spot while one who was critical was shifted to a medical facility immediately.

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