Son of Imprisoned Doctor Convicted of Brutal Murder

Itarsi: The son of Dr. Sunil Mantri, who is currently serving a life sentence for the gruesome murder of his driver in the Narmadapuram district, has now been booked on charges of cheating. Dr. Anil Singh, a respected senior doctor in Itarsi, filed the case. The shocking incident follows Dr. Sunil Mantri’s conviction for the heinous crime: he brutally killed his driver, dismembered the body, and disposed of it in acid drums. Now, the Itarsi police have registered a case of fraud amounting to Rs 1.58 crore against Dr. Shrikant Mantri, the son of the convicted doctor.

Dr. Singh alleges that Dr. Shrikant Mantri, the accused, has also been threatening his family with the possibility of an accident. The cheating pertains to a significant sum of money, and authorities conduct a thorough investigation to ascertain the details and gather evidence.

The event shocked the neighborhood and sparked worries about the safety of those who interacted with the accused and the potential participation of more accomplices. Law enforcement organizations are making every effort to ensure justice is done and those involved in the crime are held responsible.

The residents and authorities in Itarsi are deeply disturbed by the developments surrounding the Mantri family. Efforts are underway to support Dr. Singh and his family, ensuring their safety and providing them with the necessary protection.

It is critical to keep a careful eye on the inquiry as the case develops because it will reveal any new illegal activity by Dr. Shrikant Mantri or any possible linkages to his father’s horrible murder. The community depends on the judicial system to uphold justice and guarantee that people in Itarsi remain safe and secure.

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