Sound Amplifier Ban To Help Students Taking Exams

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  • Ban of loud speakers as board exams start from tomorrow.
  • The ban on sound amplifiers in the district will be from March 2nd to 30th.
  • Class 10th and 12th exam table table have been shared below.

Kanker: 10th-12th board exams are starting from tomorrow, the district administration has come to the rescue for the students, by imposing a blanket ban on the use of loudspeakers. According to the order issued, there will be a ban on sound amplifiers in the district from March 2nd to 30th. It is noticed that people organize religious, social, cultural events and use loudspeakers and amplifiers making it difficult for the students to concentrate. So, this will not be allowed, the district magistrate said. The schedule was released by Chhattisgarh Board CGBSC, the exam will be held between 09:15 am to 12.15 pm. Students have been requested to reach their seats half an hour before the commencement of the examination i.e. by 9 am.

CGBSE 10th Time Table

03 March 2022 – First language paper (Hindi, Hindi specific and Hindi general)
05 March 2022 – Secondary language paper (English, English specific and English general)
08 March 2022 – Social science
10 March – Science
12 March 2022 – Professional courses Papers of
15 March 2022 – Mathematics
21 March 2022 – Third Language Paper
23 March 2022 – Examinations of Students with Disabilities

CGBSE 12th Time Table

02 March 2022 – First language papers (Hindi, Hindi specific and Hindi general)
04 March 2022 – Second language papers
07 March 2022 – Mathematics (new syllabus), New syllabus papers – History, Science and Elements of Mathematics Agriculture, Drawing and Painting, Physics, Food and Nutrition, Business Studies,
11 March 2022 – Old Syllabus Papers (History, New Syllabus Papers – Biology, Economics, Industrial Organization, Elements of Animal Husbandry and Poultry Farming, History of Indian Art,
11 March 2022 – Elements of Science
14 March 2022 – Commercial Mathematics,
16 March 2022 – Geography (new and old syllabus)
March 22, 2022 – Optional Subject
24 March 2022 – New Syllabus Papers for Political Science, Chemistry, Accounting, Crop Production & Horticulture, Still Life & Designing, Physiology & First Aid, and Political Science (Old Syllabus) New Syllabus Papers – Indian Music, Sociology appear for Will be
25 March 2022 – Psychology, Drawing and Designing, Steno Typing, Dance, Agriculture and Home Science,
26 March 2022 – Sanskrit,
29 March 2022 – Computer Application
30 March 2022 – Third Language Papers (Marathi, Urdu, Punjabi, Sindhi, Bengali, Gujarati, Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada, Oriya)

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