Southeast Ukraine Under Attack; 7 killed as Russia Invades Donetsk

Story Highlights
  • EU Chief warns of complete cut- off of Russian Gas.
  • Russian Foreign Minister stops in Vietnam ahead of G20.
  • Heavy shelling in Donetsk killed at least 7 people and wounded 25.

Kyiv: After taking over the Luhansk region of Ukraine, Russian troops have started invading the south eastern part of country. Russian Army is making its way in to Donetsk region where it stepped up its offenses in recent days. Heavy shelling in this area killed at least 7 people and wounded 25 more in the last 24 hours.

In the wake of Kremlin’s war in Ukraine, EU Chief said on Wednesday that the 27 nation European Union shall make emergency plans to face a situation where Russian gas cuts off completely. EU has already imposed many sanctions on Russia in this war that started 5 months back. The Russian Foreign Ministry tweeted on Wednesday that in order to bolster ties with a country that has not openly condemned its invasion, the Foreign Minister is in Vietnam.

Meanwhile a Russian Court ordered the Caspian Pipeline Consortium (CPC) which is one of the world’s largest pipelines to suspend activity for 30 days. This pipeline brings oil from Kazakhstan to the Black Sea and it will pose a serious issue for the world as far as oil supply is concerned. Also, buildings in Lysychansk are scorched and shelled into pieces due to heavy bombings and attacks from the Russian Army.

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