Special Unit for MIC Gas Leak Survivors at the Regional Institute for Respiratory Diseases

BHOPAL: On the 38th anniversary of BHOPAL GAS TRAGEDY, an insight into the Respiratory services provided by the state.

Bhopal got its first respiratory disease hospital which treats MIC gas leak survivors this year. It was in May this year, the then President Ram Nath Kovind laid down the foundation stone of the Regional Institute for Respiratory Diseases after which a separate respiratory department was established at the TB Hospital premises. The Department looks after the screening and treatment of lung cancer, respiratory diseases, and snoring.

The department which is now a part of the hospital would have its own infrastructure in about two years. An outlay of Rs 56 crore has been sanctioned by the center to establish a four-story building.  

In a media interaction specialist who heads the Dept of Respiratory Disease, asserted the Bhopal gas tragedy be included in the medical research curriculum for students this way the medical fraternity would be able to understand the concerns in depth and meticulously curate a treatment plan.

Dr. H.H. Trivedi, who was the first doctor to treat the patients of the Bhopal gas disaster, also claimed that there was no antidote for MIC gas, and people were given basic medicines at that time.

As many as 200 patients are attended in the Regional Institute for Respiratory Diseases, in Bhopal’s Eidgah Hills area, with nearly 3 to 5 percent follow-up patients affected by the toxic gas leak in 1984. Bhopal has at least five state and centrally-funded hospitals dedicated to treating patients affected by the gas leak.

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