Specialized Cell to Tackle Narcotics Menace Formed in Durg

Story Highlights
  • The cell was formed on orders of Durg SSP BN Meena.
  • Team will be headed by DSP Crime Nasrullah Siddique and 9 trained police personnel.
  • The team would practice multi-pronged approach to eradicate illicit trade of drug.

Durg: Like Raipur, Durg also has a specialized cell to tackle narcotics. The Narcotics cell established on instructions of Durg SSP BN Meena will work with DSP Crime Nasrullah Siddique as its chief. Around 9 well-trained personnel have been drawn from police and excise departments to deal with the narcotics menace in the district.

The team will exclusively operate against the illegal drug trade and nab the pawns who would guide them to the kingpin. Precisely, they would track the sources of drugs, right from production, transport and supply chain.

The team would tackle the cases adopting a multi-pronged approach. Stringent action and arrest would be levied against those accused.

The team includes Cyber cell TI Gaurav Tiwari and SI Purna Bahadur, Cantonment station in-charge Vishal Son, Supela station in-charge Suresh Dhruv, Police Station Bhilai Nagar constable Anoop Sharma, Durg constable Tuleshwar Rathore, Old Bhilai police station Constable Rinku Soni and constable Panne Lal from Supela police station.

India is the world’s foremost drug pin nation with little access to rehabilitation centres for most individuals. Crimes have been on rise due to repercussions of the said addiction. The scope of drugs being pedalled in India in unfathomable. From being used in day-to-day crimes to being a major threat to a nation’s security, drug pedalling is venomous to the global community’s peace, law and order at large

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