Spot the Difference as Google Chrome Changes Logo

Story Highlights
  • Google redesign’s its logo after 8 years.
  • The icon is inclined towards the 2D format with refined proportions and no shadows.
  • The change was tweeted by designer Elvin Hu on February 4th.

Chrome has been changing its logo subtly since 2014. The news came amongst users through a tweet posted by a designer for Google Chrome, Elvin Hu who shared a first look at the logo’s redesign, and also shared bits about the process behind the changes being made.

Well seeing the logo, one might not be able to catch the difference. Giving details about the change Elvin informed that the icon was simplified by removing the shadows, refining the proportions and brightening the colours, to align with Google’s more modern brand expression. In simpler terms, the red, yellow, and green colours are simply flat now instead of being raised off the screen, making them look more vibrant while the blue circle in the middle of the Chrome logo now seems to be bigger.

How would the new logo look across different systems?

In the same thread on February 4th, the designers informed their users about variations across several systems. On ChromeOS, the logo will look more colourful to complement the other system icons, while on macOS, the logo will have a small shadow. Meanwhile, the Windows 10 and 11 version has a more dramatic gradient so that it fits in with the style of other Windows icons, the thread further mentioned.

Since 2008, the search engine firm has been updating its logo squashing it down from the 3-D sleek style to simpler 2D format.

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