Sri Lanka Seeks Urgent Fuel Import from Putin at G20 Summit

Story Highlights
  • Russian Foreign Minister reached Indonesia to take part in G20 Summit.
  • Sri Lanka seeks Russia’s help to overcome fuel crisis in the country.
  • Sri Lanka urged IMF to provide a support package.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov on Thursday reached Indonesia resort Island of Bali to take part in the G20 meeting of Foreign Ministers amid Russia- Ukraine war of conflict. This will be the first time that the Russian Foreign Minister will come face to face with the Western countries opposing Putin’s decision of a military operation in Ukraine. Meanwhile, Russian troops are pushing to capture Ukraine’s Donetsk region now after taking over the Luhansk region.

Amidst the high end military operation of Russian troops in Ukraine, Sri Lankan President on Wednesday reached out to his Russian counter- part for his urgent help. Sri Lanka is facing a huge crisis of fuel for the past many months now. The Sri Lankan President took to his twitter handle and expressed his vote of thanks to Putin for a positive discussion and the discussion for fuel imports.

Meanwhile, Colombo officials have also requested the International Monetary Fund headquartered at the USA for providing a support package while the crisis is at its peak in their country. Sri Lanka ran out of fuel last week as a reason of which it has suspended fuel sales for two weeks, while hundreds of citizens queue up at petrol stations.

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