State Resumes Vaccination Drive on Directions of the High Court; Only 3 Antyodaya Card Holders Immunised

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  • 8 vaccination centres were set up to reinitiate the drive
  • As per the direction of HC, vaccines were divided into a 33% ratio
  • Aadhar Card mandatory for APL category

Raipur: After the High Court’s direction to resume the vaccination drive, the state administration announced the reopening of vaccination centres today in Raipur.  

 Three vaccinations centres in each have been set up for the ration cardholders respectively. In Raipur, Cultural Building Changorabhata, Pt. Deendayal Upadhyaya Auditorium and District Institute of Education and Training (BTI) Campus were designated centres for the third phase.  In the Birgaon Municipal Corporation area, vaccination was administered at Advani Alikan Higher Secondary School Birgaon. In Tilda, the centres have been set up at Dou Poshan Lal Chandravanshi Government Higher Secondary School Parastari Dharsiwa, Kanya Higher Secondary School, Abhanpur, Community Health Centre, Arang and Sanskritik Bhawan, and Ward No. 18. 

With 600-800 doses available, the centres divided the doses amongst the three categories of  Antyodaya Ration Cards, BPL Ration Cards and APL Categories. According to this, nearly 200 vaccines could be administered in each category. 

It is reported that only the pre-registered individuals approached to get the jab.  As per the documented data only 3, Antyodaya Card Holders arrived at the Changorabhata centre by 12 o’clock.  

However, as a majority of APL category individuals were vaccinated at the BTI Ground in Shankar Nagar, and the centre at the auditorium near Science College by 11 am, the centre put forth a notice displaying the completion of today’s doses for the category. 

As per the norms, the individuals were directed to present their document with the prescribed ID and Ration Card. The APL category individual needed to present their Aadhar card, PAN card or any other valid document to get immunized.

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