States To Provide Rs 50,000 Compensation For Each Covid Death: Centre tells SC

Story Highlights
  • NMDA recommends ex-gratia of Rs.50,000 to kin of deceased due to COVID.
  • Ex-gratia to be released from State Disaster Response Funds (SDRF).
  • 4.45 lakh Covid-related deaths related so far.

The National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) has recommended ex-gratia of Rs. 50,000 to the kin of those who died due to Covid-19, the centre told the Supreme Court on Wednesday. The NDMA made guidelines regarding compensation after SC’s instructions. Ex-gratia to be given also to kin of Covid-19 victims including those involved in relief operations, sources informed. The central government also informed that the ex-gratia would be issued from the State Disaster Response Fund (SDRF).

As per procedure, the families to this compensation will have to apply in the Disaster Management Office at respective districts. Along with the application, the certificate mentioning ‘death due to corona’ and medical certificate will have to be submitted. All claims of ex-gratia for families of those who die of Covid must be settled within 30 days of submission of required documents as per guidelines laid down by NMDA.

“The ex-gratia assistance will continue to be provided for deaths that may occur in the future phases of the COVID-19 pandemic as well, or until further notification,” the affidavit said.

India has recorded over 4.45 lakh Covid-related deaths since the pandemic broke out in January 2020. 

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