Stop Using Superstitious a like ‘Kala Jadu’: Rahul Gandhi’s Dig at PM Modi

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  • Rahul Gandhi takes a jibe at PM Modi on Kala Jadu remarks.
  • The retort comes a day after PM made statements at a virtual address.
  • Congress on August 5th protested against unemployment and price rise wearing black clothes.

New Delhi : Irked by PM Modi’s demeaning remarks on the protests held by the party, Former Congress President and leader Rahul Gandhi took at jibe at Saffron Party Chief.

Gandhi on Thursday lashed out Modi saying ‘he must stop demeaning the lost of PM by talking about superstition’. Tweeting in Hindi he questioned the PM on inflation and unemployment issues in the country.

Attacking Modi on Twitter, Rahul Gandhi said he was unable to see inflation or unemployment in the country but could see black magic in Congress’s protest. He said Modi should desist from harping on superstitious things like black magic to hide what he called black deeds.

“Stop lowering the dignity of the prime minister’s post and misleading the country by talking about superstitious things like ‘black magic’ to hide your black deeds, prime minister,” Gandhi said in a tweet in Hindi. “You will have to give answers on people’s issues,” the former Congress chief added.

Priyanka Gandhi Vadra in response said the public do not have any problem wih black clothes but they do have problems with PM Modi’s leadership

PM Modi on Wednesday said some people “are resorting to black magic as they are immersed in despair and negativity”. “We saw on August 5 that there was an attempt to propagate black magic. These people think that by wearing black clothes, their period of despair will end. But they do not know that however much black magic they do, resort to superstition, people’s trust on them will never be restored,” the Prime Minister said while addressing a function in Panipat via videoconferencing.

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