Storm Daniel Floods Eastern Libya, Over 2,000 Feared Dead

Derna: Tragedy struck the city of Derna in Libya when Mediterranean storm Daniel unleashed its force, causing widespread destruction. Emergency responders made a discovery on Tuesday uncovering over 2,000 bodies amidst the wreckage. The impact of the floodwaters breaching dams and obliterating neighborhoods raised concerns that the death toll could surpass 5,000, highlighting the scale of this catastrophe.

The devastation caused by Storm Daniel serves as a reminder not of the ferocity of the storm but also of how vulnerable a nation can become after enduring more than a decade of turmoil. Libya remains deeply divided, with governments based in regions that have neglected critical infrastructure in many areas.

Derna, a city with around 89,000 residents, found itself isolated without assistance for over 36 harrowing hours following this disaster. The flooding rendered access routes exacerbating an already dire situation. Heartbreaking footage captured lifeless bodies covered in blankets within hospital premises, while another image depicted a mass grave filled with victims’ remains.

According to the health minister for Libya, more than 2,000 bodies have been recovered so far, and half of them were laid to rest by Tuesday evening.

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