Striking a Balance with the Novel Virus

Story Highlights
  • Australia's second-largest state emerged from the world's longest lockdown.
  • Restrictions on movement lifted.
  • Western Australia to not reopen its borders until after Christmas.

Australia: Australia’s second-largest state emerged from the world’s longest lockdown at midnight, according to some experts and local media. Following New South Wales (NSW) and the Australian Capital Territory (ACT), Victoria is the third state or territory to begin living with Covid-19 after meeting its aim of a 70 percent adult double vaccination rate.

The flu pandemic has infected more than half of Australia’s population. Residents of Victoria are free to leave their houses for any purpose, but they must confirm vaccination. Stores won’t open until 80% of the state has been vaccinated twice, and masks are necessary both inside and out. Restaurants can only accommodate a limited number of customers indoors, students have returned to school, and Melbourne’s curfew has been lifted.

After a long period of lockdown owing to the Covid-19 virus, Victoria has become the last Australian state to reopen its borders to the rest of the country. Australia has roughly 152,000 cases and 1,590 deaths from the virus as of Thursday. 

Queensland’s first local case of the Covid-19 virus in weeks has prompted a “wake-up call” for residents to get vaccinated. Western Australia will not reopen its borders to the rest of the country until after Christmas. The national plan is to reopen borders when double vaccination rates hit 80%.

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