Student Stranded in Ukraine Asks for Help; Video Surfaces

Story Highlights
  • MBBS student from Bilaspur is stranded in Ukraine.
  • Video of the student asking for help from Baghel govt goes viral.
  • Indian residents are struck in crises hit Ukraine, as it shut down its air spaces after Russia initiated an attack.

Raipur: Amidst escalating tension in Ukraine, a video of student from Ukraine asking for help has been making rounds on social media. In the video, a student hailing from Bilaspur, Chhattisgarh pursuing MBBS is stranded in the crises hit Donipro, Ukraine is seen appealing to the Baghel govt for help.

Abhishek Kumar says, “ Can’t say for how long we are safe after the blast.” It is reported that Donipro has witnessed five blasts since Russian forces advanced in the eastern region of the country this morning. He said that the local administration has banned the movement in the city and long queues at the ATMs and Supermarkets has raised fear of running out of essential supplies amongst the locals.

Tension escalated amongst local residents after Ukraine’s Central bank governor limited the cash withdrawals from accounts to 100,000 Hryvnia (Ukrainian Currency) per day.

Ukraine bound Air India Dreamliner Boeing 787, on Thursday turned back to New Delhi after the captain was informed that the Eastern Nation closed its airspace following a Russian Invasion. The flight turned around while in Iranian airspace. The second flight by Air India departed from New Delhi hoping to evacuate Indian nationals despite the fact that they were already signs of the air space being shut down. The Ukraine bound flight had 8 passengers along with the crew. Several were students amongst them who wanted to return as their term for their academics was about to begin.

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