Sukhdi River in Spate- Washes Away Cars

Story Highlights
  • Sukhdi river in spate.
  • Vehicles in the vicinity washed away.
  • The incident took place on Sunday in the Katkoot forest.

Khargone: Due to the subsequent rains in the last week, water levels of Madhya Pradesh’s Khargone river rose suddenly, washing away at least 14 cars with 50 people fleeing to higher ground in the forest, according to authorities.

According to Additional Superintendent of Police Jitendra Singh Pawar, people including women and children, were all from the Indore district and were having a picnic on Sunday in the Katkoot forest within the limits of the Balwada police station near the Sukhdi river.

Officials on Monday said, the picnickers fled to higher ground in the forest to save themselves, abandoning their cars which included a sports utility vehicles (SUVs). After receiving information on the incident, the police arrived at the spot with the emergency services personnel to tow out the cars and relocate those stranded. Ten cars including a SUV were recovered from the river.

The official also claimed that other vehicles were used to transport the picnickers to their houses. He further added that although one car was stranded close to a bridge pole, the other three were washed away.

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