“Surprise Inspection”: Visit of Three Cute Bear Cubs in a Police Station in Kanker District of Chhattisgarh

Kanker: A video shared by a Kanker IPS Officer on Twitter will definitely make you chuckle before you go “Awww”. The video went viral and received several comments within a few hours since it was posted.

In the video shared by IPS Officer Dipanshu Kabra, three bear cubs are seen to be walking inside the police station premises at a calm pace, as if they are there to inspect the performances of the personnel. The video indicates that it was the late hours of the night.

Kabra, in his caption with the post, has humorously mentioned the visit as an “Auchak Nirikshan” (‘surprise visit’ in Hindi), besides lauding the personnel for keeping up their duty despite the numbers of unfavorable situations they confront every day and night.

Kabra’s Tweet was showered with hundreds of comments by the followers, among which a guy posted another video in the comment section, showing bears standing in the middle of the road, writing “Kanker me ye aam bat hai sir” (Such incidents are quite common in Kanker).

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