Sushmita Sen Bares Her Claws Once More In ‘Aarya 2’

Story Highlights
  • Trailer of ‘Aarya 2’ released on Internet.
  • Sushmita Sen shared it on Instagram.
  • Teaser continues up where the first season left off.

New Delhi: Sushmita Sen is back in the second season of the International Emmy-nominated web-series Aarya to amaze you with her incredible performance. In the web series, the actress reprises her role as Aarya, as shown in the trailer posted on Thursday. In the new season of her web series, Sushmita Sen has excelled herself yet again, baring her claws to protect her family from her enemies at all costs. She’s invincible this time since her “weakness is her greatest power.” Sushmita Sen wrote sharing the trailer on Instagram : “Thank you for your patience. Soo happy to bring AARYA back to you! This season, her weakness is her greatest strength. Sherni aarahi hai…#AaryaIsBack.”

The teaser continues up where the first season left off, with Aarya returning to India with her children after her father got her husband, who was involved in some illegal activity, assassinated. Aarya is instantly targeted by the Russian gang, which is attempting to assassinate her and her family. She’s also being threatened by Shekhawat’s father, whom she killed in the first season. When she has no other option but to use violence to defend her family, Aarya bares her claws once more. Aarya 2 has Vikas Kumar, Chandrachur Singh, Sikander Kher, Namit Das, Jayant Kriplani, and Manish Choudhary reprising their roles.

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