Suspecting Wives Character, Father Kills His Daughter

Rajnandgaon: A missing six-month-old girl from Bogatola, a dependent village of Kumhali Panchayat, was killed by her father as he suspected his wife’s illegal relationship. The Chhattisgarh’s Mohla Police accused the parents and arrested them under sections 302, 201, 34 Bhadvi.

Atmaram reached Sakin Bogatola police station Mohla to lodge a report that his six-month-old daughter had gone missing from her village in Bogatola on the morning of 16th November. The crime of Section 363 Bhadvi was framed and taken into consideration. Superintendent of Police Mohla-Manpur Ambagarh Chowki Akshay Kumar, Additional Superintendent of Police Manpur Puplesh Kumar, and Sub-Divisional Officer of Police Arjun Kuren were investigating the case.

On November 24, the dead body of the girl was found tied in a black cloth from Jogi Dabri in village Bogatola. The police investigated the crime spot and questioned the parents separately. The accused father Atmaram Kothari confessed to the murder.

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