Sweden, Finland NATO Membership Bids Forwarded for Legislative Approvals

Story Highlights
  • NATO Allies signed off accession protocols for the two Nations
  • Russia’s neighbour and Scandinavian partner set to join the military club
  • Sweden and Finland comes a step closer to the NATO Nations

Sweden: Defining it as a ‘historic’ moment for Sweden, Finland and NATO, alliance Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg expressed his happiness on the event of signing off on the accession protocols for Sweden and Finland. The membership bids of both the nations now have been sent to the alliance capitals for their approval. The 30 NATO allies signed off the protocols for both countries.

The NATO Summit held last week made this historic decision to invite Russia’s neighbour Finland and strategic partner Sweden to join the military club. Though the parliamentary approval in NATO’s member state Turkey could still pose problems for both the nations for their final inclusion as members, Russia’s strategic isolation has definitely increased with the signing of accession protocols.  

Meanwhie, Russia initiated its military operations in Ukraine almost 5 months ago and invasion in its neighbouring country has affected both the countries drastically. The latest updates suggest, that Russia has finally taken control of Luhansk province on Monday and the Russian troops have set Donetsk as their next target in Ukraine. New defensive lines have been took up by Ukrainian forces on Tuesday in Donetsk while the Russian Army is all set to invade yet another region of its neighbour.

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