Taking Inspiration from Bollywood Movie ‘Special 26’, a Gang Loots MP Distillery

Story Highlights
  • A gang of six members takes away 2 lakh rupees from Jack Pin Brewery Limited
  • The police arrested the gang and seized their possessions
  • During the inquiry, the gang revealed that they were inspired by the Bollywood film Special 26

Bhopal: Drawing inspiration from the 2013 Bollywood film, Special 26, a group carried out fake raids in the Chhatarpur district of Madhya Pradesh. Under the disguise of CBI officials, the gang members deceived the owner and took away 2 lakh rupees.

As per a news report by a popular news daily, 6 men raided the office of Jack Pin Brewery Limited in Naugaon town in Chhatarpur district at around 8 am on August 6. Disguised as CBI officials, the men claimed that they had arrived there to investigate a former hooch case that occurred in the Aligarh district of UP. 2 members dressed as policemen, asked the security guards to assemble in front and called out the owner. 

While Nikhil Bansal, the owner asked why action was taken against him, one of the members claimed that charges were sent to Bansal but he didn’t appear for the inquiry. However, the group denied showing a copy of the charges. When Bansal said that his registered distillery doesn’t supply anything to Aligarh, one of the members posing as Additional SP, drew a pistol and put it on the chest of the plant manager of the distillery. The gang members searched the office drawers and looted 2 lakh rupees. Taking the DVR of the CCTV camera, the gang members left the site.

After a complaint was lodged against the gang to the police, six men were arrested under sections 420, 419, 395, and 170 of IPC. The police took away 2 lakh rupees, two SUVs, and other possessions from them. During the inquiry, one of the police officers said, “They had derived inspiration from the Akshay Kumar starrer ‘Special 26’ and used the same modus operandi for the incident”.

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