Taliban Captures Major Regions of Afghanistan; Stages Hard Conditions for Peace Talks with Govt

Story Highlights
  • Taliban captures 18 provinces out of 34 in Afghanistan
  • US officials anticipate seizure of the country's capital Kabul
  • 3000 Afghan soldiers inside 207 Zafar corps surrendered to the Taliban surrendered on Friday

Kabul: Taliban insurgency seems no bound; the Islamic activists continue to besiege several provincial capitals of Afghanistan. So far the insurgents have captured 18 of the 34 provinces which include the second and the third-largest cities: Kandahar in the south and Herat in the west. 

An assessment by the US officials anticipates the country’s capital Kabul could be conquered by the Taliban. Citing the terror surge, UN General Secretary Antonia Guterres has called on the Taliban to immediately halt its offensive activities, as the US and European countries depart their embassy staff.

On Friday, around 3000 Afghan soldiers inside 207 Zafar corps surrendered to the Taliban. Helicopters, ample amounts of weapons and ammunition including night vision goggles, thermal and M4s and other smaller and heavy weapons including artillery. On Thursday, the United States announced it would send 1,000 personnel to Qatar to accelerate the processing of applications for Special Immigrant Visas (SIV). 

A situation of the conflict surfaces as Taliban militants and Afghan forces as foreign militia NATO and the US are scheduled to fully withdraw from Afghanistan by August 31.

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