Taliban Claims to Control Key Afghan Border Crossing with Pakistan

Story Highlights
  • Taliban captures vital trade route linking Pakistan and Southern Afghanistan
  • As per government data, nearly 900 trucks cross frontiers linking Pakistan with Afghanistan, Iran and Central Asian nations
  • Taliban captures all border check posts aiming to generate revenue

Pakistan: Taliban, the Islamist hardline insurgent group of Afghanistan on Wednesday claimed to have gained control over an important trade route linking Pakistan with southern Afghanistan, hours after Afghan forces surrendered the critical transit point to the group. 

In an official statement, a Spokesperson from Taliban read- “the Mujahideen have captured an important border town called Wesh in Kandahar.”  This seizure has reportedly authorized Taliban to take stock of customs on transport between (Spin) Boldak and Chaman and Kandahar. However, Afghan government officials were not immediately available to confirm the fall of a town in Spin Boldak district in Kandahar province situated next to the Durand Line border with Pakistan. 

As per the data documented by the Afghan government, nearly 900 trucks cross the frontier each day, linking Pakistan with Afghanistan, Iran and Central Asian nations. 

 Shafiqullah Attai, the chairman of Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce and Investment in capital city of Kabul, said,” the Taliban in recent weeks have taken control of Islam Qala and Turghundi in Herat province, Shir Khan Bandar in Kunduz and Abu Naser Farahi border port in Farah province.”

On Monday, the US top Commander Gen Austin Miller stepped down from his post as the US withdrew their troops from the military bases of Bagram.   

The withdrawal came amidst the rise in violence in the country amid the Taliban’s continuing stride in the country and the capture of dozens of districts throughout Afghanistan. It is reported that the Taliban is swiftly securing all border check posts to wedge the transfer of customs revenue to the Afghan government exchequer. 

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