Taliban Spokesperson Zabihullah Mujahid Calls Pakistan “Second Home”

Story Highlights
  • Zabihullah maintained they want to be in good terms with the global leaders
  • He called Pakistan 2nd home but denied their interference in capturing Afghanistan
  • He urged India, Pakistan to resolve differences

In a recent interview to a Pakistan-based news channel, the Taliban Spokesperson Zabihullah Mujahid called the neighboring country their “second home”.  He further said that they will not take any such actions that do not fall in the interest of Pakistan. Though he called the Pak soil their second home, he denied Pakistan’s involvement in the capturing of the Afghan province. Mujahid also urged India and Pakistan to resolve differences and work in the interest of each other’s growth.

“Afghanistan shares its borders with Pakistan. We are traditionally aligned when it comes to religion. So we look forward to further deepening of ties with Pakistan. We hope that India devises its policy keeping the interests of Afghans in mind”, said the Taliban leader Zabihullah Mujahid during the interview. “It has been almost 12 days since the Islamic Emirate entered Kabul. We have seized control of all areas, restoring peace and normalcy”, he further said.

When he was asked about any possible resurgence by his army men in the Afghan province, he cleared the air about any possible violence on their part. He said, “We have said it before that we will not allow our soil to be used against any other country. Our policy is clear in this regard. ISIS has no presence in Afghanistan.” He assured that the Taliban will work towards the welfare of the Afghan people in the coming years.

Mujahid also urged the Afghan nationals to stay back in the country and give them a chance to prove their governance. Later, he took to the global leaders across the world and also urged them to lend hands towards them and build better international relations in the coming days. 

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