Taliban Tortured and Killed Minorites; Crises Deepens in Afghanistan

Story Highlights
  • Taliban tortured and murdered members of ethnic minority in Ghazni Province.
  • British Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab faces pressure to resign.
  • US troops evacuate 350 US nationals, asylum applicants and vulnerable Afghans on Friday.

Afghanistan: In a recent apprehension in Afghanistan, Taliban fighters tortured and killed members of ethnic minorities in Ghazni Province. The militant group also ramped up its search for former Afghan security officials and Afghans who worked with the US or NATO forces.

The United States is struggling to pick up the pace of American and Afghan evacuations at Kabul airport. President Joe Biden has said that he will ensure no American is left behind, even if that means staying beyond the Aug. 31 deadline he set weeks before the Taliban took Kabul. It is not yet clear if the Senate would extend the deadline for non-American evacuees.

In a statement on Friday, the White House informed evacuating nearly 350 US citizens along with families of asylum applicants and vulnerable Afghans from Karzai International Airport.

Sources reveal, U.S. troops and allied forces fired tear gas to control the mob trying to gain access to Kabul airport. The cascading crowd came in the backdrop of an announcement made by the Pentagon on Thursday that stated acceleration of evacuation flights from Afghanistan.

In the meanwhile, British Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab is facing pressure to resign following his alleged failure to help evacuate interpreters, who had worked for Britain.

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