Tanker Transporting Chemical meets Accident NH-3

Manpur: A tanker driver was charred to death after the vehicle he was driving rammed into a truck, Manpur Police said.

The incident took place on National Highway No.3 (Agra-Bombay Highway) near the culvert in front of Vaishno Dham Dhaba. in Manpur’s jurisdiction in the wee hours on Tuesday.

The tanker collided with a truck causing an explosion. The entire cabin of the tanker filled up with Ethidium chemical blew up killing the driver on the spot.

Bheru Ghat and Choral Ghat of Mhow Tehsil are the most prone to accident areas. There are 17 Black Spots that have been notified at different locations in both the Ghat sections.

In order to prevent the occurrence of accidents, road and transport authorities have decided to install three beam crash barriers, rumble strips, and disaster markers.

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