Task Force to Re-convene to Arrive at Conclusion on Release of Cheetas from Quarantine

Bhopal: The task force constituted to monitor the cheetahs in KNP convened on Monday, and called for another meeting to reach a decision on whether or not the big cats brought in from Savannah should be shifted to acclimatisation enclosures. They are currently housed in six ‘bomas’ two of which are 50×30 metres, and four 25 sq.m. and are fed buffalo meat.

The team will now meet on October 21st to decide on the shifting- said an official who attended the meeting on Monday. The nine-member task force was constituted on September 20th for a period of two years to monitor the introduction of cheetahs in the park and other designated areas by the Union Ministry of Environment, Forests and Climate Change.

The Cheetahs completed one month in their new environment on September 17th are ‘fantastic’ and ‘frolicking’ an official said during the meet. Veterinarians and experts from India and Namibia are keeping a close watch on the spotted animals as they live in their quarantine enclosures.

Cheetas returned to India on the occasion of PM Modis’ birthday on September 17th under Mission Cheetah. Around 8 big cats were brought to Kuno National Park in Madhya Pradesh and were stationed in quarantined enclosures inaccessible to visitors. The intercontinental translocation project is determined to reintroduce the fastest animal into the Indian wildlife system that went extinct in 1947.

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