Tea Seller Vexed by Economical Crises Commits Suicide

JAISI NAGAR, MP: A tea seller in Jaisi Nagar of Madhya Pradesh was found dead. According to reports, the man is said to have committed suicide due to financial distress that he faced post-pandemic.

On receiving information, the police immediately rushed to the spot and sent the body for postmortem. A note was recovered from the spot, where he mentioned that he decided to take the drastic step due to immense financial burdens and he felt there was no solution left.  

According to media reports, Kallu Rai’s tea shop faced immense losses during the pandemic due to multiple lockdowns. His trouble was further deepened after his shop was bulldozed as a part of the anti-encroachment campaign. He then began selling goods on a hand cart, however, it didn’t yield him enough to overcome his economic crises and so he chose the path of suicide.

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