Tech News: Satya Nadella, Takes Over as Chairman of Microsoft Corp

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  • Nadella takes over John Thompson
  • Thompson was promoted as an independent director of the firm
  • Nadella is known to steer the firm to innovation and growth

Technology: Microsoft Corp on Wednesday named Chief Executive Officer Satya Nadella as its new Chairman replacing John Thompson. It is reported that Thompson, who took over the chairmanship from co-founder Bill Gates in 2014, will now serve as a lead independent director of the firm. 

In 2014, Nadella took over as the CEO succeeding Steve Ballmer. Microsoft under Nadella’s CEO-ship embraced scorching heights. It took to open sourcing, partnered with competitors and scaled back first-party mobile ambitions.

Satya Nadella is also known for changing Microsoft’s Windows for smartphones approach and bringing greater capabilities to mobile operating systems controlled by Apple and Google. He shaped the company with open-source software projects, and the company regularly makes its own software available under open-source licenses. 

Satya succeeded in ensuring tough competition to market leader Amazon Web Services.  Known for his empathetic management style, Nadella helped transform Microsoft’s culture while bolstering the company’s bottom line.  

The change in administration comes just after co-founder Bill Gates stepped down from the board a year ago. Gates stated that he would like to focus on philanthropic works of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, one of the world’s biggest charities, as a reason to quit. 

Earlier last month, the company had conducted a probe into allegations from a female employee over Bill Gates in a romantic relationship with the lady.

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