Telangana CM Threatens To Dump Paddy At India Gate

Story Highlights
  • CM Rao threatened to hire 1000 trucks and dump paddy at India Gate.
  • The center refused to procure 90% of the paddy from the state Punjab.
  • CM said he will soon expose the BJP government.

Telangana: Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao created a menace saying that he would hire 1000 trucks and vans and will dump the whole paddy crops which were produced in the state outside the India gate in India’s capital. He warns that he will dump it if the centre doesn’t obtain it. He also added that he will dump the paddies even at the BJP office and also outside the house of Union minister Kishan reddy which is located in Hyderabad.

This menace has come after the central government ignored to obtain 90% of the paddy on the lines of the state Punjab. The Telangana CM had also informed that he is ready to also spend Rs 250 crores and hire as many trucks and Lorries for dumping the paddy as a protest. He also said that Kishan reddy is misleading his statements saying that the entire paddy will be procured. CM said that he will soon expose the BJP government. He also pointed that the centre is also not clear to buy 40 lakh MTs that should be assured to the state. The minister had informed the reporters about the paddy issues and also about the omicron variant. He said that Kishan reddy should apologize for misleading the people or either come for an open debate with him.

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