Tell the Difference between Coriander and Fenugreek: Vijay Rupani Challenges Rahul Gandhi

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  • In a public function at Mehsana of North Gujarat, the Gujarat CM Vijay Rupani lambasted the Congress party for backing the 'Bharat Bandh' called by the farmers
  • Rupani challenged the former party president Rahul Gandhi to tell the difference between methi (fenugreek) and kothmir (coriander)

New Delhi: Criticizing the Congress party for supporting the nationwide strike called by the protesting farmers against the new agricultural bills, Gujarat CM Vijay Rupani challenged former Congress president Rahul Gandhi to tell the difference between fenugreek and coriander. Rupani was addressing a public function at Mehsana of North Gujarat at that time, where he laid the foundation stone for a Narmada-based water supply scheme and a sewerage treatment plant.

“When the people of this country have discarded them, Congress and opposition parties are out to agitate in the name of farmers and mislead the people”, said Rupani, adding, “Narendrabhai is genuinely trying to resolve the issues which have remained unresolved for years. At a time when Congress is out to take political mileage in the name of farmers, I believe that Congress has done nothing till date for water, electricity, seeds, compost, MSP… It has been done by the BJP government.”

The Gujarat CM also said that previously the Congress government used to provide finance to the farmers in Gujarat at 18% interest rates, while the BJP government is providing finance to the farmers at zero percent interest rate. He also alleged the previous ruling party of not purchasing the agricultural produce in the state at MSP (minimum support price), also adding, “In past three years, my government has purchased farm produce worth Rs 15000 crore as MSP and it is going on in the current year as well”.

He also referred to the Kisan Suryoday Yojana, the recently launched scheme of the government of Gujarat, in order to provide 24-hours electricity for agricultural purposes.

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