Texas Continues To Freeze For The Sixth Day; Warns Dark Days Ahead

Story Highlights
  • Texas witnesses bleak temperatures
  • The frigid temperatures have affected natural gas production leading to continued power cuts
  • Governor orders ban on inter-state and cross border shipments

Texas: Today was the sixth day, since Texas froze on Thursday. The largest energy producing state in the United States scuffled with massive refining outages and oil and gas shutdowns that strangulated Mexico.

The frost killed at least 21 people and axed out power to more than 4 million people in Texas. More than one-fifth of the country is shut down cardinal supplies.

The outages in Texas affected the power generation in Mexico as it exports gas via pipeline and ships carrying LPG from terminals in Freeport and Corpus Christi.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott has ordered a temporary ban on shipment outside the state. ERCOT, tried to restore power but  thermal generators also lost the capability to provoke a spark as valves and pipes froze.

As per Refinitive, the ban prompted a response from officials in Mexico, as US gas pipeline exports crashed drastically.

Major Automobile manufacturers have shut down their production due to unavailability of power to operate plants.

About 4 million barrels of daily refining capacity is down for 6 days with a minimum of 1 million barrel per day of oil production.

The state accounts for massive energy supply to the US and its frigid temperatures have brought down the economy of the country tragically.

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