Tharoor Releases Poll manifesto, Pitches for Limiting State Chiefs’ Term

Chennai: Congress leader Shashi Tharoor has favoured limiting the term of office for state presidents in the party and called for Congress to be revived and re-energised to take on the saffron party in the upcoming polls.

In the presence of the press at Sathyamurthy Bhavan, the Congress state headquarters Tharoor on Thursday released his election manifesto and shed light on the reforms the party would have to take to regain the ulterior power. Key points in his manifesto included- Decentralising powers, strengthening the party at the booth level, utilising general secretaries for nation-building activities while dispensing their services as state in-charges, and trusting state presidents by giving them a free hand in decision-making besides limiting their term of office. According to Tharoor, the manifesto focused on the need for the party to return to the ethos of social work.

He further said- My message is revive the party, re-energise it, empower workers, decentralise authority and be in touch with the people. This, I believe will make Congress politically fit to take on Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his BJP in the 2024 general election.

Tharoor also denied rumours of pulling out from the presidential polls and claimed to have received en masse support. If elected as president, he has promised to revive certain institutions like the parliamentary board.

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