The US to Withdraw Forces in Afghanistan; Blinken Writes to Ghani Proposing Peace Talk

  • The US announces the withdrawal of troops.
  • Six countries to attend peace talks.
  • Turkey coalesced with the US.

It is reported that US Secretary of State Antony J. Blinken wrote a letter to Afghan President Ashraf Ghani proposing a UN meeting of six counties, to discuss support to Afghanistan. The letter addressed to ask the UN to summon a meet between foreign ministers and envoys from Russia, China, Pakistan, Iran, India, and the US.

As per Blinken, the administration hasn’t penalized the conclusion yet but would like to put forth its ideas to accelerate peace talks. He said,” the Joe Biden administration has “not yet completed” its “review of the way ahead” on its strategy in Afghanistan, but has “reached an initial conclusion that the best way to advance our shared interests is to do all we can to accelerate peace talks and to bring all parties into compliance with their commitments.”

According to the US Secretary, China, India, Pakistan, Iran, Russia, and the US share a common interest in a stable Afghanistan and therefore should come together to succeed. Proposals are being inked to be handed to both the parties- the Afghan government and the Taliban leaders stating negotiation and cease-fire. Surprisingly, Turkey has also collaborated with the US to finalize the peace agreement.

The US determines to terminate violence in Afghanistan in 90 days, which will seek to “prevent a Spring offensive by the Taliban and to coincide with our diplomatic efforts to support a political settlement between the parties.”

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